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What Is a Due Diligence Investigation?

In simplest terms, a due diligence investigation is a review of a party’s background prior to entering into an investment or business transaction. The review can consist of more than one subject and many different components, including credential verification, media review, regulatory checks, searches of court filings, among others.

Why Perform a Due Diligence Investigation?

Simply put, peace of mind. The results of a due diligence investigation empower well-informed business decisions and help assess – and potentially avoid – risk.

What’s Typically Included in a Due Diligence Investigation?

A typical due diligence investigation includes, but is not limited to, verification of claimed qualifications (employment and business history, education, and licensing); financial standing and wherewithal; identification of bankruptcies, civil and criminal court filings, reputational risks, and character and integrity issues; searches of global security watchlists and other compliance and regulatory databases; as well as reviews of press, social and business networking, other media, and additional sources.

What Do You Need to Start an Investigation?

At a minimum, a subject’s name and one other identifier – location, date of birth, employer, approximate age, etc. If we’re looking at a company, their name and location or simply a URL to their website will typically suffice.

Where Can HGA Conduct Investigations?

Through a vast network of vetted and trusted investigations professionals, we can pursue investigations virtually anywhere in the globe.


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