Melissa Kelley-Hilton, Founder and CEO of Hilton Global Associates participated in Henley & Partners’ North America Bi-Weekly Forum.

It is absolutely imperative “to partner with a reputable provider of due diligence investigations that has access to a worldwide network of trusted investigations professionals that are capable of working in obscure locales and navigating the challenges in this pandemic.”

The Forum focused on “Due Diligence Investigations in the Age of COVID-19,” where Melissa shared challenges Hilton Global Associates has faced, including lockdowns worldwide, courts and government agencies suspending their services, and relying on local on-the-ground assets who are struggling to navigate the pandemic themselves.

Melissa also provided key takeaways and suggestions to companies and individuals to not only thrive but to protect themselves and their investments in this post-pandemic world.

Watch the video to find out what deal-breaking revelation Hilton Global Associates’ uncovered in a recent international case during a government-mandated COVID-19 lockdown.