Tailor-Made Investigations Run by Top Industry Executives Will Help Clients Make Critical Business and Investment Decisions
 NEW YORK and NAPLES, Fla. – October 14, 2020 – Hilton Global Associates Inc., a provider of timely, relevant, and actionable investigative due diligence, today announced its official launch. The global investigations firm was founded by Melissa Kelley-Hilton, a long-time industry veteran, who will be supported by an unparalleled group of investigators and an international network of industry experts.

Hilton Global Associates will provide investigative and fact-gathering services, including hedge fund manager investigations and monitoring, mergers and acquisitions and investments support, and detailed background checks on senior executives and board members. The firm’s clients will include funds of funds, pension and private equity funds, family offices and other allocators, governments, and Fortune 500 companies, among others.

“Right now, companies across the globe face a wide variety of unprecedented risks,” said Melissa Kelley-Hilton, Founder and CEO of Hilton Global Associates. “We are eager to help clients address these issues through our tailor-made solutions. In doing so, we will enable them to capitalize on business opportunities with the confidence and understanding that they have mitigated the risks involved to the greatest extent possible.”

A 20-year leader in investigative due diligence, Kelley-Hilton previously served as president of a large corporate due diligence and executive screening firm. She grew the firm’s revenues tenfold and guided its transformation from five employees in a single office to 100 employees in seven locations globally, including India and the Philippines. Kelley-Hilton is a licensed Private Investigator and holds the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation. She is also a Certified International Investigator (CII) and a Board Member of the Council of International Investigators.

“I am beyond thrilled to embark on this new venture,” said Kelley-Hilton. “We are committed to becoming a force in the due diligence industry. We can investigate any individual or entity in every corner of the globe, providing our clients with the fact-gathering services they need as they face exposure to any regulatory, compliance, or reputational risk.”

About Hilton Global Associates Inc.
Hilton Global Associates Inc. provides timely, relevant, and actionable investigative due diligence for mission-critical decisions made by clients worldwide. We offer the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, competitive pricing and turnaround, and next-generation intelligence and automation. Clients include funds of funds, pension and private equity funds, family offices, and other allocators, governments, and Fortune 500 companies, among others. For more information, please visit: https://hiltonglobalassociates.com/