HGA’s first-ever corporate retreat

A little sun, fun, and team building! Members of our team from all across the US converged in Reunion, FL, from Jan 12-16 for HGA’s first-ever corporate retreat. For many of our associates, it was their first time meeting each other in person. We enjoyed the beauty and amenities of the stunning Isole Villa, spending four productive days analyzing, strategizing, sharing introspection, and bonding as a group … there was even a rather competitive pizza-making contest! When we weren’t collaborating on how to further improve our already top-notch products and services, we were playing pool, shooting hoops, cooking and cleaning together, staying up way too late talking, and strengthening our amazing relationships. We learned a lot during our long weekend together, and one thing’s for certain – you’d be hard-pressed to find a work family better than Team HGA!